Why Avoid the Emergency Room for Emergency Dental Care?

Why Avoid the Emergency Room for Emergency Dental Care?

Are you concerned about whether to visit an emergency room at a hospital or to consider visiting your dentist when faced with a dental emergency? Are you aware that nearly 800,000 Americans will visit emergency rooms in hospitals for dental emergencies? The number is expected to increase every year and is costing patients a fortune. Therefore you must understand that dental emergencies are better handled by a clinic that offers same-day emergency dental care.

In 2010 Florida alone charged $ 88 million from 115,000 dental emergencies averaging to $ 765 per visit. Emergency rooms were unable to treat the reasons for the problem forcing the patient to visit the dentist where more money had to be spent on the treatment.

Visits to Emergency Rooms Cost More Than Dental Exams

The rising cost of dental care, as well as healthcare in America, is forcing many of its citizens to put off dental checkups and cleanings. Just a small number of Americans are receiving dental benefits from employers and these numbers are reducing dramatically every year. This has resulted in more people forgoing preventive care in favor of visits that are focused on problems like toothaches and chipped teeth.

Preventive dental care acts as an investment against expensive emergencies. A single trip to the emergency room can cost more than several years of dental exams. Spending the money on a single visit that provides no relief can strain your finances apart from being frustrating.

Dentistry Can Only Be Performed by a Dentist

Does this sound like a no-brainer? It should because most people do not realize it is illegal for anyone besides the dentist to extract teeth, fill cavities, or perform restorative dental care of any kind. It is extremely rare to find an emergency room with a dentist on staff.

Doctors in emergency rooms are unable to provide anything but antibiotics or painkillers. These medications can provide temporary relief but dental emergencies like most problems cannot fix themselves. Therefore you will still need to find a Saturday dentist in Houston if the need arises.

How to Manage Dental Emergencies Temporarily?

Browsing through the Internet you will come across many suggestions and myths of how to care for a toothache or dental emergency. Some methods may work for you depending on your unique situation but the others will leave you in a quandary. Here is what we recommend if you need to manage a dental emergency temporarily:

  • Brush and floss your teeth to remove any food fragments between your teeth and on them and rinse with warm water.
  • Take some aspirin for pain relief but do not put the aspirin directly on the gums near the aching tooth. It can cause damage to the gum tissue by burning.
  • Call a dentist to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.
  • You need to understand that even if the toothache subsides it will usually return again and therefore the underlying problem must be addressed.

When to Consider Visiting the Emergency Room

If you experience any trauma to the face that has resulted in severe swelling, cuts in and around the mouth, or a broken jaw you should visit the emergency room before contacting emergency dental care in Houston. Lingering untreated infections may also require a visit to the emergency room or an urgent care Medical Centre. Untreated infections can sometimes become life-threatening.

Similarly, leaving a toothache untreated can also develop into larger problems that will require expensive dental work. It could also result in the spread of the infection to cause more problems than imagined. Therefore whenever you encounter a dental emergency you must understand the best solution for you is to visit emergency dental care in Houston that can provide you the treatment needed. Visiting an emergency room will only result in a waste of money and frustration.

Trying to find same-day emergency dental care should not be difficult because all dentists are setting aside time from their busy schedules to deal with emergencies that can affect people. You can find emergency treatment from any dental clinic when you contact them with a dental emergency. Dentists do not disappoint patients that visit them with a dental problem as they are dedicated to preserving the teeth of the patient. Therefore you must be determined to find an emergency dentist near you rather than visit an emergency room whenever you are stuck with a dental problem at odd hours of the day or night.

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