When Does Invisalign Begin Showing Results?

When Does Invisalign Begin Showing Results?

People who have crooked or misaligned teeth offer to face dental issues. Apart from that, it also affects their confidence and makes them conscious of their looks. Still, many people, especially adults used to compromise with their crooked and misaligned teeth because of the sheer embarrassment of wearing traditional braces.

However, things have changed with Invisalign coming into the picture. These are clear aligners that are hardly visible from a distance. They are more comfortable and esthetically appealing, which is what makes them popular among people seeking orthodontic treatment, says the dentist in Houston, TX. But one question that most patients ask is how long it takes for the Invisalign to start showing results. Let’s have a look at some facts about the timing of Invisalign and the results.

  • No Two Patients Are Same

According to a dentist in Houston, the rate at which the teeth move depends on various factors such as the shape of the jaw, your genetics, condition of the gums along with your diet. There is no standard time at which Invisalign starts showing results for everyone.

  • The Average Duration

The Houston dentist says that though there is no specific time, there is an average time frame when they start showing results. It can take somewhere between six to twelve months for the teeth to move into their correct position after wearing clear aligners. However, in some cases, people notice movements within the first two months after getting their first set of aligner trays.

Having said that, these are average time frames and your case might be different. While some people notice a difference in two weeks, others might take almost three months or longer to see a change.

  • Ask for Preview

One of the best things about Invisalign is that the treatment can be planned using a 3D model of the mouth. This enables the dentist in Houston to create a time-lapse series of images that show how your teeth will move exactly. You can ask your dentist to show the animated preview of the teeth movement. This allows you to see what changes to expect during the treatment and when they will happen.

  • What To Do If You Don’t See Any Results?

Invisalign can sometimes work slowly. Teeth that are more crooked or out of place can take time to move and hence you may take time to notice the results. You must be able to notice the changes when you are halfway through the treatment or after five months. If at all you don’t notice any difference, you must discuss the issue with your dentist. There can be an underlying reason for your Invisalign treatment not working as expected.

  • Difference between Time Taken by Invisalign and Braces

Patients can observe faster results when it comes to braces as all of the teeth are moving randomly during the whole procedure. With conventional braces, the wires and brackets apply force on all teeth at the same time so even straight teeth will move and fall into correct alignment.

With Invisalign, the movement of each tooth is planned and small adjustments are made instead of bigger ones. The straight teeth need not be moved as clear trays work on individual teeth. People may notice the difference with traditional braces sooner but overall treatment time taken for treatment is lesser.

Tips To Make Your Invisalign Work Faster

  • For the Invisalign to work faster and show effective results, it is important to wear the Invisalign for at least 20 to 22 hours a day for the timely progress.
  • Another tip to keep in mind is to remember to change the trays at the scheduled time. Changing trays is like tightening braces. It is important for making your teeth move. You must not skip changing it.
  • Last but not least, it is important to resist the impulse to give up the treatment halfway through. Ask the dentist in 77081 for 3D images and wait to achieve those results.
  • You can also take the images of your teeth every two weeks to see the improvement as it can keep you motivated. If you are not able to see the transformation in the mirror, images may help.

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