The Difference between Dermal Fillers and Botox

The Difference between Dermal Fillers and Botox

Dermal fillers and Botox are both cosmetic treatments given in the doctor’s office via injections. These treatments are minimally invasive and not require any surgery. The similarities between the two ends here.

Dermal filler and Botox treatments were received by over 9 million procedures back in 2015 states the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Dermal fillers have ingredients that can add fullness to the areas of the mouth that have thinned because of aging. The thinning is commonly observed in the cheeks, lips and around the mouth.

Botox has purified bacterial that freezes the muscles to help minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles caused by facial expressions

People looking forward to these treatments must be aware of the costs and the risks involved and most importantly have realistic expectations of what the treatments can do.

Botox Explained

A purified form of botulinum toxin that is acquired from bacteria is Botox. It can be dangerous in larger quantities but Botox in small and regulated quantities is provided to correct wrinkles and has been used for decades.

Botox blocks the nerve signals in the muscles where it is injected. The affected muscles are temporarily frozen or paralyzed when the nerve signals are interrupted. When the selected muscles in the face stop moving some wrinkles begin to soften, reduce or even be removed. Treatments with Botox are often called neuromodulators.

How Effective Is Botox?

Botox is only capable of working on wrinkles that are caused by muscle movement. They are known as expression lines and referred to as dynamic wrinkles. The most common wrinkles treated by Botox treatments are on the upper face, horizontal lines on the forehead and crows feet around the eyes. These lines are caused by natural movements such as smiling, squinting, frowning and other facial expressions. Botox is incapable of working on fine lines and wrinkles caused by sagging or loss of plumpness in the face. These are referred to as static wrinkles and include lines on the cheeks, neck, and jowl areas. The treatment with Botox is not permanent and repeated treatments will become necessary to maintain the wrinkle-reducing effects. People report that the muscle-relaxing effects of Botox last for just 3 to 4 months.

Dermal Fillers Explained

Dermal fillers that are also known as soft tissue fillers are substances developed to be injected below the surface of the skin for adding volume and fullness. The most common substance used in dermal fillers includes hyaluronic acids that are found in the tissues and fluids in the body and are capable of adding plumpness to the skin. Some substances used in dermal fillers promote the production of collagen in the skin. The substances have all been included to treat different signs of aging or cosmetic issues of other types.

Dermal fillers will not display results instantly and may last for anywhere between six months to 2 years. People desirous of getting dermal fillers are suggested to discuss their individual needs and expectations with the doctor in dermal fillers at Houston, TX, before deciding on the treatment.

What Can Dermal Fillers Treat?

Different dermal fillers are available in the market and they are all developed for treating varying signs of aging. The type of filler selected will determine the kind of differences people will see on their skin. Some have been developed for:

Plumping up thinning lips.
Filling in shallow areas of the face or enhancing it.
Decreasing or removing the shadow of wrinkles under the eyes caused by the lower eyelid.
Soften the looks of recessed scars or fill them in.
Soften static wrinkles in the lower face or fill them in.

Static wrinkles may include the ones that have developed around the mouth and cheeks. These wrinkles usually develop after the loss of collagen and elasticity in the skin is experienced.

Where Can You Get Dermal Fillers?

It is extremely important that you contact dermal fillers in Houston, TX, if you have decided it is the right treatment for you to reduce the fine lines or the shadow of wrinkles below the eyes. The doctors at this clinic are qualified dermatologists to ensure that the procedure is conducted properly. It is suggested that you discuss the experience of the provider and the training he or she has received in dermal fillers before making a decision. Regardless of whether which treatment, you choose it is important for you to make a proper decision after weighing in all considerations including the prices of the treatments.

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