Steps to Get and Maintain Whiter Teeth

Steps to Get and Maintain Whiter Teeth

A smile can make your confidence shoot up and boost your charm is no time. But if you are conscious about your smile due to the color of your teeth, you would smile less often. Dentists in Houston TX has got your back.

Establishing the baseline

My palm dental will recommend you to go for deep, professional cleaning to get the teeth whiter than you expect. We strongly suggest this if you haven’t taken a dentist appointment in a while.

It is tough to keep your teeth naturally white after all we eat. It is difficult as every time we eat or drink something, it adds to the tartar buildup and starts staining the teeth. Which is why you should ask the dentist near you to clean your teeth.

Now what?

After the debris is removed from your teeth, it will reveal its natural color. Next thing you need to do is to undergo a teeth whitening treatment.

You can choose from in-office treatment or take-home treatment. In-office treatment will take about an hour. We will use a bleaching gel and use a special light to activate it. This will show you immediate results and the process is quick and painless. Whereas, if you want to take things slow, you need to go for a slower treatment, you can go for home treatment. Olive & Palm Dental will provide you with the trays and gel that you require. The gel will be less powerful as you are not constantly supervised by an expert, but will gradually show the effect. The effects are seen anywhere within a few days to weeks.

A new level

You can go for Veneers in order to take your teeth whitening to another level. It will be placed over the fronts of your teeth and will hide all your chips, gaps and irregularities along with making it look whiter.

Keeping your whites white

Dentist in Houston would suggest a few things to maintain your white teeth. Firstly do not miss out on regular dental appointments. They are as important as eating, bathing, and exercising. Also, brush and floss at least once a day in order to remove all the cavities building up in your mouth. Tea, coffee, and wines are some of the most common stain-giving drinks. Make sure you clean your teeth after any of these in order to maintain your whites.

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