Softer or Harder Bristle Toothbrush: The Best Choice for You?

Softer or Harder Bristle Toothbrush: The Best Choice for You?

Most people believe that the harder the bristles, more effective the brushing as hard bristles are capable of removing food particles stuck in teeth and improves dental health. But does that apply to everyone? According to a dentist near Houston, the toothbrushes with hard bristles are not recommended for everyone and can be used only by people who have good oral health and no gum sensitivity issues.

However, hard bristles are very useful in removing parasites and bacteria from teeth. Our dentist in Houston, TX says that the hardness of the bristles is no guarantee for removal of plaque, as much as the pattern and length of the bristles.

Reasons to Choose Soft Bristles over Hard Ones

  • The first and the foremost reason is that the American Dental Association also vouches for the use of a toothbrush with soft bristles twice a day for maintaining optimum dental health.
  • Brushing hard won’t make your teeth cleaner instead; it would damage the protective layer on your teeth known as enamel along with hurting your gums. Hard bristles also put a strain on your teeth. Toothpastes are usually rough on teeth so why make it worse by using a toothbrush with hard bristles.
  • The only selling point of a hard bristled brush is that it is effective in cleaning the plaque and food debris. However, they clean just like a brush with soft bristles. If a soft brush couldn’t remove food debris or plaque, you need to see a Dentist near 77081 and not use a hard bristle brush.
  • If you thought that hard brushes would last more than soft brushes, it’s a misconception. The soft brush will last as long as you want to, which shouldn’t be more than 3-4 months in any case. Toothbrushes collect a lot of bacteria over the time, which makes it imperative to replace it.
  • Using a soft brush will help in improving your overall dental health and gum health. Soft brushing will cause no trauma unlike the hard brushes and make your mouth feel better.

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