Regardless of What You’ve Seen Online, Don’t Fear a Root Canal Treatment

Regardless of What You’ve Seen Online, Don’t Fear a Root Canal Treatment

In this day and age of technology, you can find anything on Google but not everything that you see is true or applies to all. Recently there was a piece of information going viral on internet that root canal treatments can lead to cancer. The idea came early 20th century where a dentist stated that leaving a dead organ in the body can lead to health problems. Because of this idea the root canal treated tooth falls in to the category of becoming a cause of cancer.

Before exploring further about the cancer claims, we first need to understand what root canal is and what happens during the procedure, says Dentist near 77081.

What is Root Canal?

The root canal treatment is performed for saving the decayed tooth from extraction. Tooth decay is a type of infection which attacks the tooth enamel and advances further to reach the inner pulp. It travels further to the roots and bone. According to root canal dentist near you, if left untreated, it can lead to tooth loss.

The root canal treatment is used for saving the tooth by removing the infected or dead tissue. Once the infected pulp is removed, the canal is filled with a special filling to seal the tooth and prevent further infection. Though the tooth is considered dead, it is still alive and attached to the periodontal ligament as well as its blood supply and nerve tissue. Root canal doesn’t affect the function of the tooth and it can still feel when you bite something hard, says Endodontist near you.

There have been extensive studies conducted during 1950s to investigate whether there is any link between root canal and cancer. However, no evidence has been found which shows that root canal can lead to cancer. Instead it lowers the risk of oral cancer by 45% in patients who have undergone root canal treatment. Like any other procedure, root canal may have certain side effects, none of them are as dreadful as cancer and the procedure will only save your tooth.

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