Get to Know Your Smile

Get to Know Your Smile

Teeth are the only visible bones of your body and also the only one that has direct contact with the outside world. More importantly, teeth play a big role in our smile. It structures the way our smile looks. So dentists in Houston are here to explain to you about your smile.

Primary vs. Secondary Teeth

You have two sets of teeth. Primary teeth are also known as baby teeth and start showing after 6 months of your birth. The secondary teeth are the once that start growing as the primary teeth start falling out. The secondary teeth are also known as adult teeth. This whole process of growing and falling takes around six to twelve years.

An adult has 32 teeth and they are different from each other. There are a few different shapes of teeth based on its job and position in the mouth. Each one has its own importance and is there for a reason.

The Types of Teeth

Incisors: They are the eight teeth in the front of your mouth. Four on the top and four on the bottom. There are used to bite food.

Canines: They are the pointy teeth beside incisors. There are four canines. Two on each side. Canines are used to chew and tear tough food like meat.

Bicuspids: These teeth are also known as premolars. They are used for grinding foods. Similar to canines, we have four bicuspids, two on the top and two on the bottom.

Molars: These are flat surfaces teeth and used to grind and chew food. Molars are located in an area where you frequently experience tooth decay. As they are in a remote location in your mouth, they are to clean. Some people also grow a third molar called wisdom teeth. It can be easily removed by any dentist near you. Although it is advised to visit the best and expert dentist of 77081 at My palm dental

These were the types of teeth that you have. Hope you were educated enough by some of the best dentists in Houston. Visit Olive & Palm Dental if you suffer from any kind of dental problem.

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