Dental Implants – A Security System for Your Smile

Dental Implants – A Security System for Your Smile

Dental implant has been noted as one of the most effective techniques to get rid of the missing tooth problem for adults. Missing tooth is a grave concern for adults, as it causes different sorts of discomforts. Missing tooth in front side will cause difficulty in speaking. Chewing foods will become dismal experience, when you have missing teeth. Most importantly, your beautiful smile is ruined due to missing teeth. A bright and beautiful smile is the key element of someone’s personality. It makes a person to appear impressive before others. You need professional dentist Houston TX for resolving missing teeth problem with dental implant procedure. For that purpose, you need to fix appointment with certified dentist at Olive & Palm Dental.

Why Dental Implant Is Important?

Dental implant is important for many reasons. It is an advanced dental surgery, where artificial tooth has been implemented in place of the missing tooth. This artificial tooth has three major parts. The top most part, which is identical to tooth, is known as crown. The middle part, where crown ends, is known as the joining part between crown and root. The last part is known as root, which is basically a metal screw. Through surgery, a hole is created on jaw bone and there the screw has been implanted. Thereafter, the crown is attached. The advantages of dental implant are discussed below.

  • According to dentist Houston, implant will prevent teeth from moving. When a free area is created due to missing tooth, neighboring existing tooth will start moving to the free area to maintain balance. As a result, the whole tooth alignment becomes disorganized. With dental implant, this scenario can be prevented.
  • Dental implant will also prevent jawbone deterioration. Missing tooth due to decaying process can also cause decaying jawbone.
  • Implanted tooth will be identical to natural tooth. You can brush and floss teeth without any problems.
  • Chewing foods would not be a matter of discomfort after dental implant, as assured by the professional dentist 77081 at Olive & Palm Dental.

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