Dental Implants, a Long Term Option

Dental Implants, a Long Term Option

Have you heard of dental implants? Do you have one or more missing tooth? Has the missing tooth affected your confidence and facial appearance? The dental implant is the answer to all your woes. Dental implants are a way of replacing your missing tooth and give your smile a makeover along with restorative benefits, says dentist in Houston TX.

Did you know that at least 3 million Americans have replaced missing tooth with a dental implant. And the number keeps on growing each year. You can connect with any dentist in Gulfton, Houston for getting dental implants if you have lost one or more tooth.

According to dentist near 77081, there can be many reasons for losing a permanent tooth such as age, decay and infection, tooth extraction, trauma due to accident or injury. No matter what the reason for your tooth loss is, the dental implant done by dentist near you will give your smile a new life.

A dental implant is a titanium post which is surgically implanted in the jaw and an artificial tooth goes on the top of the post. One thing that makes dental implant popular is that they seamlessly blend with the remaining teeth of patient. They also look and function like the natural teeth which makes them an ideal long-term option for people.

Dental implants are also popular as they prevent bone recession which is a common issue with people who have lost tooth. The titanium post is placed where the tooth roots used to be which helps in strengthening the bone.

The dental implants are not just for people who are missing one or fewer teeth; it‘s also for people who have lost all their teeth. In such people, the implants are used for anchoring the denture which offers a secure and firm fit. The dental implants have given a new confidence and meaning to life of people who had lost hope and were in despair due to deteriorating mental health and facial appearance. People again begin to enjoy life, socialize with people and overcome the embarrassment which missing tooth brought to them.

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