A Beginner’s Guide To Dental Bridges

A Beginner’s Guide To Dental Bridges

A bridge replaces missing teeth by “bridging” the gap with artificial teeth. Without a bridge, the gap causes teeth above it to drop from your upper jaw. Bottom teeth begin shifting into the gap. The end result is a misaligned jaw and a host of other oral health concerns. A bridge can ultimately prevent chipped teeth, jaw pain and headaches, bone loss, tooth sensitivity, and much more.

To help you understand what to expect, Olive & Palm Dental will guide you through the experience you can expect from a dentist near you.

Types of Bridges

Olive & Palm Dental will craft a custom, comfortable prosthesis. Traditionally, these bridges are composed of fake teeth called pontics, which are adhered to stabilizing crowns. A cantilever bridge is attached to a retainer on one side. A Maryland bridge uses “wings” attached to abutment teeth, and are a conservative option when abutment teeth are fairly strong.

There are also removable bridges, which attaches a pontic to a framework fit over surrounding teeth. While food may become trapped, it is easy to get used to cleaning it and storing it properly at night.

Olive & Palm Dental can assist you in determining the best choice.

Implant or Bridge?

You may decide an implant is preferable. It’s often a good choice when only one tooth is needed. Typically, a titanium screw will substitute the root for a crown. These crowns are made of high-quality materials, like resin, ceramic, or a variety of metals. They can look, feel, and act like an actual tooth. Sometimes, an implant is used as an anchor for a bridge.

Cost and Care

Many people are concerned about the financial cost of dental restoration. Many factors will determine the cost, but usually insurance will cover much of the cost so long as it is deemed necessary and not cosmetic.

That’s why choosing a reliable dentist near you is important. The best dentist in Houston, TX for guiding you through the process is Olive & Palm Dental. Anyone seeking a dentist in 77081 can rest assured, Olive & Palm Dental offers the most customer-focused dentist in Houston.

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